CSB Directory

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 910, Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 261-7600  |  Fax: (202) 261-7650  |  Email: public@csb.gov

Media inquiries, contact Hillary Cohen at (202) 446-8094 cell or via email at public@csb.gov. 




Vanessa Allen Sutherland - Chairperson and Member

Manuel Ehrlich - Member

Rick Engler - Member

Kristen Kulinowski - Member

Tom Zoeller - Senior Advisor 

Amy McCormick - Senior Board Affairs Specialist

Sabrina Morris - Board Affairs Specialist

Managing Director

Daniel Horowitz - Managing Director

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

Shauna Lawhorne - Director

Office of Congressional, Public, and Board Affairs

Hillary Cohen - Communications Manager

Shauna Lawhorne - Video Producer and Public Affairs Specialist

Office of Administration

Anna Brown - Director of Administration

Charlie Bryant - Chief Information Officer 

Ron LaRoche - Deputy Chief Information Officer

Bea Robinson - Finance Director

Dai Nguyen - Financial Specialist 

Maurice Hawthorne – Human Resources Specialist

Christina Sills - Records and Information Management Specialist

Office of General Counsel

General Counsel - Vacant 

Kara Wenzel - Acting General Counsel

Ray Porfiri - Deputy General Counsel

Michele Bouziane  - Assistant General Counsel

Office of Investigations

Steve Klejst - Executive Director 

Washington, DC, Office of Investigations

Michael Corona - Attorney/Investigator


Beeta Lashkari - Attorney/Investigator

Vidisha Parasram, MPH, CFEI - Director of Incident Screening / Investigator

Reepa Shroff - Investigator

Western Regional Office of Investigations

Cheryl MacKenzie - Team Lead

Dan Tillema, PE, CFEI - Team Lead

Chris Lyon - Special Counsel for Investigations

Steve Cutchen - Investigator

Jerad Denton - Attorney/Investigator  

Lauren Grim, PE, CFEI - Investigator

William Hougland - Investigator

Amanda Johnson, Esq. - Investigator

Mary Beth Mulcahy, Ph.D. - Investigator

Tamara Qureshi - Attorney/Investigator

Jonathan Whitwell - Investigator

Mark Wingard, CFEI - Investigator   

Office of Recommendations

Charles Barbee - Director of Recommendations

Mark Kaszniak, CFEI, CFII, CPEA - Senior Recommendations Specialist