An independent federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public, and the environment.

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Communication during emergency (including 911 operator communication, inoperability of radios, etc.):



Incident Description


Little General Store Propane Explosion

Incident Description:On January 30, 2007, a propane explosion at the Little General Store in Ghent, West Virginia, killed two emergency responders (the Incident Commander (IC) and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)) and two propane service technicians, and injured six others that included the second EMT. The explosion leveled the store, destroyed a responding ambulance, and damaged other nearby vehicles.


DPC Enterprises Festus Chlorine Release

Incident Description:On August 14, 2002, a chlorine transfer hose ruptured during a rail car unloading operation at the DPC Enterprises chlorine repackaging facility near Festus, Missouri. The hose rupture ultimately led to the release of 48,000 pounds of chlorine, causing three workers and 63 residents to seek medical treatment. The CSB found that DPC lacked an effective testing and inspection program for its chlorine emergency shutdown system. Emergency shutdown valves failed to close properly once the chlorine leak had begun, greatly extending the duration and severity of the release. Investigators concluded that the valves were inoperable due to internal system corrosion, in turn caused by inadvertent introduction of moisture into the chlorine system. DPC's testing and inspection program was inadequate to uncover the faulty condition of the valves before the accident occurred. The emergency response plan was inadequate in several areas including community notification, access to equipment, etc.


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