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Incident Description

EQ Hazardous Waste Plant Explosions and Fire

Incident Description:On October 5, 2006, a citizen driving past the EQ facility called 911 to report a haze with a “strong chlorine smell.” The Apex 911 center dispatched emergency personnel to investigate. Responding Apex Fire Department personnel discovered a chemical cloud coming from one of several businesses on Investment Boulevard. The Apex Fire Chief, acting as the Incident Commander (IC), sent two firefighter reconnaissance teams in personal protective equipment to investigate the source of the cloud. Firefighters located a small “sofa-size” fire in one of the hazardous waste bays at the EQ facility. Within minutes, the fire spread to the flammable liquid storage area, causing 55-gallon drums of flammable hazardous waste to explode and sending fireballs hundreds of feet into the air. The hazardous waste building ultimately collapsed (cover photograph). During the incident, about 30 people (including 13 first responders) sought medical attention at local hospitals for respiratory distress and nausea. Some were treated; none was admitted.

MFG Chemical Inc. Toxic Gas Release

Incident Description:On April 12, 2004, a runaway chemical reaction during the production of triallyl cyanurate at MFG Chemical, Inc.  (MFG) in Dalton, Georgia, released highly toxic and flammable allyl alcohol and toxic allyl chloride into the nearby community, forcing the evacuation of more than 200 families. One worker received chemical burns and 154 people, including 15 police and ambulance personnel, required decontamination and treatment for chemical exposure. The applicable emergency response plans lacked sufficient shelter-in-place and evacuation information; and the emergency response HAZMAT teams did not have sufficient personal protective or air monitoring equipment.


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