Training for emergency responders, including hazardous materials training:



Incident Description


West Fertilizer Explosion and Fire

Incident Description:On April 17, 2013, a massive explosion at a fertilizer storage and distribution facility fatally injured twelve volunteer firefighters, two members of the public and caused hundreds of injuries. The CSB found that the West Volunteer Fire Department was not required to perform pre-incident planning for an ammonium nitrate-related emergency, nor were the volunteer firefighters required to attend training on responding to fires involving hazardous chemicals. As a result, the CSB made several safety recommendations to various stakeholders to better inform and train emergency responders on the hazards of FGAN and other hazardous chemicals.

Hoeganaes Corporation Fatal Flash Fires

Incident Description:On January 31, 2011; March 29, 2011; and May 27, 2011; three combustible dust incidents over a six month period occurred at the Hoeganaes facility in Gallatin, TN, resulting in fatal injuries to five workers. The facility produces powdered iron and is located about twenty miles outside of Nashville. This case study examines multiple iron dust flash fires and a hydrogen explosion at the Hoeganaes facility in Gallatin, TN. The first iron dust flash fire incident killed two workers and the second injured an employee. The third incident, a hydrogen explosion and resulting iron dust flash fires, claimed three lives and injured two other workers. The Gallatin Fire Department (GFD) has responded to 30 incidents of various types over the previous 12 years at the Hoeganaes Corp., including the January 31, March 29, and May 27 incidents. In June 1999, the GFD responded to a fire caused by iron dust that ignited in a baghouse. One person suffered smoke inhalation injuries as a result of the incident.


Little General Store Propane Explosion

Incident Description:On January 30, 2007, a propane explosion at the Little General Store in Ghent, West Virginia, killed two emergency responders (the Incident Commander (IC) and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)) and two propane service technicians, and injured six others that included the second EMT. The explosion leveled the store, destroyed a responding ambulance, and damaged other nearby vehicles.

DPC Enterprises Glendale Chlorine Release

Incident Description:On November 17, 2003, there was a release of chlorine gas from the DPC Enterprises chlorine repackaging facility in Glendale, Arizona, near Phoenix. Fourteen people, including ten police officers, required treatment for chlorine exposure. The release occurred when chlorine vapors from a rail car unloading operation escaped from a system designed to recapture the material, known as a scrubber. Owing to the exhaustion of absorbent chemicals in the scrubber, chlorine gas was released. None of the police officers who entered the potentially hazardous area wore respiratory protection.


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