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An independent federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public, and the environment.

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Synthron Chemical Explosion
FINAL REPORT: Synthron Case Study
Location: Morganton, NC
Incident Occurred On: 01/31/2006
Final Report Released On: 07/31/2007
Incident Type: Reactive Incident
Company Name: Synthron, Inc.


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investigation information

Incident Description
One worker was fatally burned and about a dozen others were injured when a powerful explosion devastated the Synthron Inc. chemical manufacturing facility. CSB investigators believe the explosion was related to the process inside a 1500-gallon batch reactor at the plant, which contained butyl acrylate along with the flammable solvents toluene and cyclohexane.
Investigation Status
The CSB's final report was issued at a news conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 31, 2007



Protex International

Establish a program to ensure that reactive hazards at Protex U.S. facilities are managed in accordance with good industry practices. At a minimum, the program should: -identify and characterize reactive hazards; -implement, document, and maintain appropriate safeguards; -manage changes to recipes; -document and maintain safety critical process equipment capabilities; -train personnel on reactive hazards, safe operating limits, and the consequences of and responses to deviations; -train personnel on emergency evacuations alarms and procedures, and conduct emergency drills; and, -conduct periodic audits of program implementation to identify and address weaknesses.

Status: Closed - Acceptable Action
Closed - Acceptable Action (C - AA) - The recipient has completed action on the recommendation. The action taken meets the objectives envisioned by the Board.


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