CSB Process Safety Application 

The CSB has developed a new interactive training application focused on OSHA's Process Safety Management, or PSM, regulation. The training covers the 14 elements of PSM using the 2005 explosion at BP’s Texas City refinery as a model.

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To Download and Install the Application:

The CSB Process Safety Application is designed to be downloaded and installed onto your computer quickly and easily.  View of menu for the CSB's new process safety application  


Application Installation Instructions - Windows Guide

Download Windows 32 bit Application

Download Windows 64 bit Application


Application Installation Instructions - macOS Guide

Download macOS Application


To Use the Application:

Once the application is downloaded and installed onto your computer, click and drag to the left and right to look around inside the application.

There are three ways to navigate to a Process Safety Management (PSM) element:

  • Click directly within the screen on a labeled PSM element
  • Use the Home Menu in the top left of the application to directly select a desired PSM element
  • Use the arrows on the bottom bar to move to the previous or next PSM element as they are listed in the Home Menu

To read more about each PSM element, select individual key points from either the right-hand sidebar OR one of the circular hotspots within the screen.

  • Some circular hotspots will be found through exploration of the refinery site

When available, click the play button from the right-hand sidebar to watch a related video.

Full-screen mode may obscure or cut off some visual information on some monitors. If when viewing this content, video information or titles are not fully visible, please exit full-screen mode. Once in a windowed mode, drag the corner of the application window to resize the application as needed.

The CSB is interested in hearing from you about this new safety product. After downloading and using the application please submit your feedback below.


Thank you for downloading the CSB's Process Safety Application.