O - UR Open - Unacceptable Response
O - ARE/AR Open - Awaiting Response or Evaluation/Approval of Response
O - ARAR Open - Acceptable Response or Alternate Response
C - UA/NRR Closed - Unacceptable Action/No Response Received
C - R/S Closed - Reconsidered/Superseded
C - NLA Closed - No Longer Applicable
C - ERA Closed - Exceeds Recommended Action
C - AA Closed - Acceptable Action

Fiscal Year 2015 Closed Recommendations Follow-Up Report

Board Order 22, CSB Recommendation Program, requires the Office of Recommendations periodically to conduct a survey of major closed recommendations to ascertain continued adherence by recipients to the recommendations’ objectives, whether conditions have changed, and investigate other matters of interest to the CSB in relation to the effectiveness of its recommendations. This report outlines the methods and results of the CSB’s closed recommendations follow-up during fiscal year 2015.