Recommendation Statuses

O - ARE/AR    Open - Awaiting Response or Evaluation/Approval of Response
O - ARAR       Open - Acceptable Response or Alternate Response
O - UR/NRR   Open - Unacceptable Response/No Response Received

C - AA             Closed - Acceptable Action
C - AAA           Closed - Acceptable Alternative Action
C - ERA           Closed - Exceeds Recommended Action
C - UA/NRR    Closed - Unacceptable Action/No Response Received
C - R/S            Closed - Reconsidered/Superseded
C - NLA           Closed - No Longer Applicable

Recommendations Data as of the March 15, 2024, Board Vote involving Recommendations Status Changes  (click the link)

The link above provides Recommendations data current as of the Board Vote to approve the Wendland investigation report.  The spreadsheet can be downloaded and manipulated as desired.

Quinquennial Reports

The CSB periodically conducts a survey of major closed recommendations to track the continued adherence by recipients of the recommendations’ objectives.  The results of all three surveys are located below:

FY20 Report

FY15 Report

FY10 Report

To contact CSB Recommendations Staff please email [email protected]