The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) is charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents. Fundamental to our mission is our obligation to honor the diversity of our workforce and ensure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity. 

I fully understand and support the value of diversity in improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. My goal is to create a climate of innovation, opportunity, tolerance, and success within the CSB that capitalizes on the cultural, professional, ethnic, and personal diversity of our workforce.

Further, I am equally committed to the full and meaningful implementation of Equal Employment Opportunity policies for all CSB employees and applicants and will coordinate with the Board to ensure so. We must maintain an environment within the CSB, free of discrimination, where all employees may work without fear of reprisal or discriminatory harassment; where qualified employees and applicants with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations; and where all employees are recognized for their individual performance and contributions to the CSB, without regard to race, national origin, color, age, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, disability (physical or mental), status as a parent, genetic information, or other non-merit factor.

Let us continue to maintain our commitment to fostering an excellent work environment free of unlawful discrimination. I thank you for your continued professionalism and respect and for contributing to a workplace that is free from discrimination and reprisal. 

Chairperson Vanessa Allen Sutherland

Board Order 4: Equal Opportunity Employment

EEO Policy and Harassment Statement 

EEO Director: Shauna Lawhorne