CSB Releases "Message from the Chairperson"


“Message from the Chairperson” Highlights Agency Priorities, Initiatives and Objectives

Washington D.C. July 27, 2021: Today the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB), released a new video: “Message from the Chairperson."

Dr. Katherine Lemos shares three main agency priorities:

  • Our top priority is to focus on the mission: To drive chemical safety change, we need to continue delivering high-quality safety product.
  • Our second priority is to drive efficiency of operations within the agency, expanding our workforce and improving business partnerships.
  • Our third priority is to strengthen relationships with our stakeholders and federal counterparts.

Dr. Lemos emphasizes, “These priorities will fuel our productivity and keep us laser-focused on our mission: to improve and raise the bar for chemical safety across our nation.”

The message also highlights improvements in agency transparency, which she has emphasized from her first week in office:

  • Public releases of critical facts identified in early-stage investigations
  • Live Board meetings to close investigations and vote on the findings, probable cause, and recommendations.  Videos of these meetings are also accessible to the public via the website.
  • You will hear from the investigators directly as they present the facts, and from the board members as they deliberate their votes.

Dr. Lemos closes by emphasizing her commitment to agency stakeholders, “Though we must remain true to our mission in conducting and issuing independent and objective analysis and recommendations, it is important to consider the expertise, knowledge and priorities of our stakeholder community.”

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