Invitation to CSB Business Meeting on May 6, 2015


You are invited to the US Chemical Safety Board’s public “Sunshine Act” business meeting this Wednesday, May 6, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 1 PM EDT at our Washington, DC headquarters, 2175 K Street, NW, 4th Floor Conference Room, Washington, DC 20037.  Those who cannot attend in-person may use the following call-in:

Toll-Free Access Number:


Direct Dial/ International Access Number:


Participant Code:


This is the first CSB public business meeting in some time devoted to how we can best achieve our mission.  (Please also reserve Wednesday, June 10 for a public business meeting and dialogue on a broad range of stakeholder concerns.   The precise time on June 10, the Washington, DC location, and other details, including webcasting, will be posted soon).

Below please find a link to the Federal Register Notice for the May 6 meeting:  

​An edited excerpt from the Register notice follows:

At the public meeting, the Board will discuss and may vote on motions related to the following:

1. Proposed amendments to 40 CFR 1600 to provide for regular Sunshine Act meetings and to address timely voting on calendared notation item votes;

2. Proposed schedule for regular CSB public business meetings;

3. Notation Item 2015-07 relating to Board governance, the issuance of two Board Orders on Scoping and Investigations, respectively, and the administrative closure of three investigations (calendared on March 10, 2015); and the

4. 2015 CSB Action Plan;

Additionally, the Board will hear status reports on the development of an overall CSB investigations plan and the process for updating the CSB's investigation protocol.

Members of the public attending the meeting can make brief statements to the Board concerning the agenda items. The time provided for public statements will depend upon the number of people who wish to speak. Speakers should assume that their presentations will be limited to five minutes or less.

Anyone who wishes to submit written comments may email them to: [email protected]

Contact: Hillary J. Cohen, Communications Manager, [email protected] or (202) 446-8094.  

I hope you can participate next Wednesday, as well as on June 10.

Mark Griffon, CSB Board Member

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