Statement from Chairperson Vanessa Allen Sutherland on 2017 Workers Memorial Day

April 28, 2017

On this Workers Memorial Day 2017, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) joins with families and colleagues in remembering the thousands of workers who have lost their lives or experienced serious injuries on the job. At the CSB, we are committed to our fundamental mission to drive chemical safety change through independent investigations.  Through our fact-based, scientific investigations, we seek to share lessons learned and advocate for new ways to protect people and the environment, and to prevent future tragedies. 

The CSB is focused on advocating for safety improvements identified in our "Critical Drivers List” (CDL), such as explosions caused by hot work activities (e.g., welding and grinding), improving emergency planning and response, preventive maintenance and the modernization of process safety management regulations.

We recognize the important safety improvements that have occurred over the last several years at facilities across the country. Yet, we continue to see worker fatalities and injuries at workplaces where hazardous chemicals are produced, handled or stored. 

No employee -- no family -- should have to wonder whether today will be a safe day at the workplace.  Everyday should be a safe day.  The CSB is committed to collaboration with industry, labor unions, regulators, universities and safety standard setting organizations to promote good safety practices and training, and better management. 

In honoring fallen workers, let us do justice to their memories with a renewed and sustained commitment to safety in the workplace, today and everyday. 


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