The CSB's Accidental Release Reporting Rule Data

May 20, 2022


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The regulation governing the reporting of accidental release can be found at title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1604, Reporting of Accidental Releases
The regulation requires the owner or operator of a stationary source to report any accidental release resulting in a fatality, serious injury, or substantial property damage​s. The purpose of this part is to require prompt notification of any accidental release within the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board’s (CSB's) investigatory jurisdiction.  
The CSB’s Accidental Release Database includes all accidental release incidents reported since March 23, 2020, the effective date of the Accidental Release Reporting regulation. The database is revised quarterly and may include revisions or corrections to events previously reported and events that were not timely reported to the CSB in accordance with the regulation.
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