Statement from CSB Chairman: On First Quarter FY21 March Public Meeting


At the public meeting last Friday, 05 March 2021, the CSB Chairman summarized progress in our FY20 Impact Report and also summarized progress on these same elements for first quarter FY21.

Impact Report FY20 Progress Highlights

  • 7 Deployments
  • Hired 6 new investigators
  • Voted on 15 recommendation status changes, 8 were closed, 7 were advanced
  • Produced 4 Factual Update Reports
  • Closed 1 Investigation

FY21 First Quarter Progress Highlights

  • 3 Deployments
  • Hired 2 new investigators (with a group of new investigator positions set to post in the near future)
  • Voted on 28 recommendation status changes, 22 of them were closed, and 6 were advanced

Statements from the Chairman’s speaking notes include:

  • management priorities and challenges
  • the CSB’s accomplishments in FY20 and our progress to date in FY21 towards meeting our priorities and overcoming our challenges
  • and what to expect from the CSB as an agency moving forward

Speaking notes for the entire meeting, to include the Office of Investigations and Recommendations, are available HERE.

As with all CSB public meetings, a transcript will be made available and posted to the following link:


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