Accident Description

Accident: CTA Acoustics Dust Explosion and Fire

Location: Location: Corbin, KY

Accident Occurred On: 02/20/2003 | Final Report Released On: 02/15/2005

Accident Type: Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire

Investigation Status: The Board approved the final report on this investigation at a public meeting in London, Kentucky, on February 15, 2005.

On February 20, 2003, an explosion and fire damaged the CTA Acoustics manufacturing plant in Corbin, Kentucky, fatally injuring seven workers. The facility produced fiberglass insulation for the automotive industry. CSB investigators have found that the explosion was fueled by resin dust accumulated in a production area, likely ignited by flames from a malfunctioning oven. The resin involved was a phenolic binder used in producing fiberglass mats.