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Each recommendation the CSB issues is monitored by CSB staff from the time it is issued to closing. CSB staff evaluate recipient responses, and the Board votes to assign status designations to recommendations based on staff evaluation. This page highlights recommendations for which the Board has recently voted to change the status of the recommendation. For more information on how the CSB defines its recommendation statuses, please visit the Recommendations Frequently Asked Questions page.


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CAI / Arnel Chemical Plant Explosion (1 Recommendations)
Town of Danvers (1 Recommendations)
Open: 0% | Closed: 100%

Final Report Released On: May 13, 2008


Pending revision of the Massachusetts Fire Safety Code (527 CMR), revise the town bylaws addressing 527 CMR 14 requirements applicable to facility licensing and annual registration to: -Require new and current product manufacturing registrants to certify in writing that the facility complies with, at a minimum, all state and local fire codes and hazardous chemical regulations as part of the annual registration renewal. -Require companies holding a license and current registration for any of the eight classes of flammable materials specified in 527 CMR 14.03 (2) to re-register the facility before increasing any chemical quantity above the registered amount or adding a different regulated chemical at the facility. Include a requirement in the approval process to solicit input from affected landowners, similar to the requirement for obtaining the original license and registration. -Revise the license and registration forms to require listing each hazardous material type and quantity, and require a separate license and permit for each of the eight classes of flammable materials specified in 527 CMR 14.03 (2) . -Require the fire department to annually inspect licensed manufacturing facilities for compliance with the fire code.

Status: Closed - No Longer Applicable
Closed - No Longer Applicable (C - NLA) - Due to subsequent events, the recommendation action no longer applies (e.g., the facility was destroyed or the company went out of business).

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