Inadequate or poor emergency planning or response has been a recurring finding in the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board’s (CSB’s) investigations. One of the very early CSB investigations, the Herrig Brothers Farm Propane Tank Explosion, made an emergency response recommendation for training for firefighers, as did the recently closed West Fertilizer Investigation. 

To date, 14 CSB investigations have found deficiencies in a community’s, facility’s or emergency responder’s response to an incident at a chemical facility. The majority of CSB’s recommendations relating to emergency response can be categorized in the following areas: 

Emergency Response Investigations
Investigations 15
Recommendations 46
Open Recommendations 9
Closed Recommendations 37

In 2009, the CSB released a safety video based on ten years of emergency response recommendations and investigations.



CSB Investigations and Recommendations involving emergency response and planning:




Last Updated February 6, 2017